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Matariki at the Museum 2024

21 June - 21 July 2024

Open daily 10am to 5pm

Various events

Join us for free events, public talks, crafts, and more as we celebrate this special time of year. Maanawatia a Matariki!


Te Whare o Poohutukawa

21 June to 21 July 2024, 10am to 5pm

Remember those who have passed away by adding a star to our digital interactive. Find out more.


Matariki koorero: Piripi Lambert

28 June 2024, 3pm

Learn from Maaori astronomer and maramataka toohunga, Piripi Lambert. Find out more.


Matariki Family Festival

28 June 2024, 10am to 5pm

Bring your whaanau along to celebrate the Matariki public holiday with live music, crafts, storytime, and more! Find out more.


Matariki crafts

8 to 19 July 2024, 11am to 2pm

Take some time during the Matariki season to create and craft with your loved ones. Find out more.


Matariki koorero: Dr Oliver McLeod

19 July 2024, 3pm

Learn about the geology and stories of Karioi from Dr Oliver McLeod as part of our Matariki celebrations. Find out more.




Find out more: Matariki Ki Waikato Festival 2024 


Image credit: Fraser Gunn Astrophotography


Please note

For te reo Maaori, Waikato Museum uses double vowels (uu) in place of vowels with a macron (ū) to represent a long vowel sound. This spelling approach is the preference of tangata whenua in Hamilton Kirikiriroa and Waikato iwi for te reo Maaori words.