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Matariki koorero: Dr Oliver McLeod

19 July 2024

3pm to 4pm


Scientist Dr Oliver McLeod will present a free public talk as part of Waikato Museum's Matariki celebrations. 

Oliver will share his knowledge about the geology and stories of the maunga Karioi, an extinct volcano that dominates the landscape of Whaingaroa Raglan on Waikato's west coast.

To find out what’s happening deep below Karioi’s surface, Oliver spent many months in hiking up and around the mountain armed with a backpack, hammer and GPS, collecting hundreds of rock samples. As well as traversing the maunga’s slopes, Oliver met with its people and listened to their stories to produce a remarkable map that plots the geology and whakapapa of Karioi side by side, including reclaimed place names that have been preserved in oral history for centuries. 


Matariki at the Museum

Friday 21 June to Sunday 21 July 2024

Join us for free events, public talks, crafts, and more as we celebrate this special time of year. Maanawatia a Matariki! Find out more.

Presented with thanks to Matariki Ki Waikato Festival 2024 

Please note

For te reo Maaori, Waikato Museum uses double vowels (uu) in place of vowels with a macron (ū) to represent a long vowel sound. This spelling approach is the preference of tangata whenua in Hamilton Kirikiriroa and Waikato iwi for te reo Maaori words. 

Image credit: Fraser Gunn Astrophotography