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Roman Machines: Julius Caesar - Military Genius & Mighty Machines

25 January - 8 June 2014

The Romans are here!

What did the Romans ever do for us? A lot when you consider they invented concrete, bound books, built highways, aquaducts and even welfare to name a few things.

If we could travel back in time and visit Ancient Rome, we would be very surprised to see how many aspects of our society resemble those of 2,000 years ago.
It has been said that the Romans copied, or at least were greatly influenced by Alexandrine Science (that Greek-Hellenistic revolution sparked by Alexander the Great, circa 300-100BC). However it is thanks to the socio-economic conditions created during the Roman Empire and the Romans’ shrewd, selective adaptations of that knowledge that have allowed the spread and preservation of many “ancient technologies” to us.

Journey back in time to relive history and discover the life, the culture, the determination and the engineering genius that carved the great Roman Empire 52BC-476AD.
This exhibition was born from the desire to recreate this fascinating period of history as realistically as possible and  to explore and experience the mighty machines, gadgets and clever technologies of the Roman Empire.
Interact with 30 hands-on machines and experience virtual reality displays, reconstructed scale models, recreated artwork and frescos.


Adult - $12
Child (4 to 14 years) - $8
Child 0-3 years - Free
Concession* - $10
Small Family (one adult and two children) - $20
Large Family (two adults and up to four children) - $40
School groups (pre-booked) - fees apply

*Concession applies to students, Friends of Waikato Museum, senior citizens and Community Services Card Holders. ID required.

From the creators of the popular Da Vinci Machines exhibition.

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Created by the Artisans of Florence International

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