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January school holiday programme

18 - 29 January 2021

Fill your child’s life with more art, design, and science!

Supervised programmes for ages 7-13 years only

8.30am-5pm Monday to Friday

$45 per day

Have fun at the Museum these school holidays. Leave the children with us to enjoy supervised, tutored programmes.

Eventbrite - Waikato Museum April School Holiday Programme - Hamilton


Tip-Top Tree Houses

Monday 18 January

Design and create your ultimate treehouse in a box - Big screen TV, ice-cream fridge… swimming pool, let your imagination run free! 


Paper Powers

Tuesday 19 January

Explore the art of Alexander Calder and use, or reuse, paper to create 3D sculptures and fascinating artworks using paper folding techniques.


Jazzy Jandals

Wednesday 20 January

The Kiwi icon, the jandal, becomes an artwork in our summer inspired session. Jandals belong on the walls, not just on the feet!


Install This

Thursday 21 January

Learn about installation artworks and create your own in situ installations. You’ll even receive a digital catalogue showing your artwork after the day.


Clay Play Day

Friday 22 January

Work with clay to create unique sculptures and art pieces inspired by ceramics from the Waikato Museum collection.


Hidden Faces - Patupaiarehe (Forest Fairies)

Monday 25 January

Join the secret world of the forest dwellers by making your own masks and costumes then pose for photographs hiding among the natural world you look after


Patterns Across Moana

Tuesday 26 January

Explore designs from Aotearoa and across the Pacific region and create artworks using geometry, shapes and patterns.


Trees Please

Wednesday 27 January

Be inspired by trees and nature and produce unique artworks celebrating Tane Mahuta’s mighty trees.


Museum of Me

Thursday 28 January

Create your own mini exhibition around YOU! Bring in a tiny treasure, a photo of you or something small you have made and create your own exhibition with You as the star.


Print My World

Friday 29 January

An introduction to print making using a press print, foam print and foam sponge techniques.


 Eventbrite - Waikato Museum April School Holiday Programme - Hamilton


If booking for multiple children for more than one programme: Enter each of their details for the first programme they are attending, then use the drop-down box labelled 'Copy data from' to save re-entering the information.


Terms and Conditions:

Programmes must be booked and paid for online by 3pm the day prior to selected programme. Bookings are not confirmed until payment is received.

Registrations must be completed by a parent or guardian of the child enrolled over the age of 18 years old.

For health and safety reasons, children must be aged 7-13 to attend. Please do not be offended if we ask for proof of age of your child/children.


You must book and supply complete enrolment details for each child. A copy of this will be emailed to you.


Once accepted registrations are final. If your child/children cannot attend a booked programme, we require 24 hours' notice of cancellation to issue a refund. Email us to notify.

Unless required by law, transfers or refunds (partial or full) are not issued except in extenuating circumstances and at the sole discretion of Waikato Museum.

Programme supervision

The everyday programme ratio is one teacher to 10 children. Depending on the activity, some programmes require more supervision.

Children will be in view of staff at all times when appropriate.

Children will be informed of the boundaries and are expected to stay within them.

Children are not to leave the supervised area.

Children misbehaving to such a level that it causes disruption to the programme and others will be removed and their parents/caregivers will be contacted to collect them.

Children who are too unwell to participate will be assessed and the appropriate action taken to assist them. Parents/caregivers will be contacted in the first instance and in most cases will be asked to collect their child/children.

What to bring

Suitable clothing and shoes must be worn e.g. outdoor activities require a warm jacket in the winter or a sunhat in the summer.

Children must bring appropriate, healthy food for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, and a labelled drink bottle.


Full day programmes are from 8.30am – 5pm. The tutored portion of each day's session begins at 8.45am and concludes at 3.30pm. If your child arrives after 8.45am, they will miss out on important information needed to guide the day's activities. Between 3.30pm and when you pick up your child, they wind down by watching a movie in our lecture theatre.

Children must be collected at or before 5pm. If you are more than 10 minutes late to pick up your child/children, a $10 fee will apply per child.

To ensure the safety of the children in our School Holiday Programmes, we may ask you for ID when you come to pick up your child/children.

There are a number of parking options within a few minutes’ walk of the Museum. Grantham Street is non-metered parking on both sides for either 120 (side closest to the river) or 180 minutes. All metered parking in the city is free for the first two hours and $6 per hour after that. The closest metered parks are on Victoria Street (south of Grantham) and Knox Street.

Disability parking can be found in the Trades Entrance car park off Grantham Street. For more disabled parking options click here.

Unwell/injured Children

We do not have the facilities to look after sick/injured children. If a child is unwell they should stay home rather than attending our programmes.

If your child appears unwell or receives and injury during the school holiday programme, we will assess the situation and take appropriate action to assist them. Parents/emergency contacts will be contacted in the first instance and may be asked to collect their child/children.

Depending on the severity of the situation, we may take the child/children to a quiet space - until pickup.

When you or the emergency contact come to collect your child/children, we will ask you to sign out your child as per normal procedure.


If you wish to give us feedback on the school holiday programme (e.g. booking process, curriculum, dropping off/picking up process etc.), please email with your feedback.


The personal information that you provide in the booking form will be held and protected by Hamilton City Council in accordance with our Privacy Statement (available at and at our libraries, pools and the Municipal Building, Garden Place) and with the Privacy Act 1993. The Privacy Statement explains how we can use and share your personal information in relation to any interaction you have with the Council, and how you can access and correct that information. You should familiarise yourself with this Statement before submitting the form.