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Illustration Workshop with Lisala Halapua

18 October 2020


Free event


Finalist in the 2017 New Zealand Book Awards For Children and Young Adults, New Zealand-Tongan author and illustrator Lisala Halapua brings his Tongan grandmother's stories to life in his Island Fables picture book series: Ko Kumā mo Feke, The Mouse and the Octopus, The Worm and the Whale and The Mouse and the Ant.

 These mnemonic stories teach children how our environment sustains us, fostering an appreciation for the Pacific's unique eco-system and the interdependence between land and sea resources.

 Lisala uses brush and watercolour with dip pen and sumi ink. The images are based on actual locations and represent the Tongan eco-system from which the story is derived.

 Join us at the museum for an hour of storytelling in English and Tongan, drawing and colouring fun! This workshop is suitable for ages 5-10.


This event is part of Hamilton Book Month