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When Tom and Elizabeth Took the Farm

21 February - 1 June 2015

Dick Frizzell’s story of the stumps

Trust Waikato Gallery

Free entry

Dick Frizzell’s exhibition takes its title from the first line of Denis Glover’s poem, The Magpies. The exhibition traces the development of these rarely seen paintings and illustrations for the book, and some of his first landscape studies through his slow journey into the genre of landscape, culminating with monolithic yet humble work, A pile of Stumps.

Education programmes are available for this exhibition.

Image: Pile of Stumps, Dick Frizzell, Trust Waikato Collection.

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About the Trust Waikato Art Gallery 

Through the generous contribution of Trust Waikato, Waikato Museum is able to offer this gallery dedicated to exhibiting a rich blend of Trust Waikato artworks and works from the Museum’s own collection.
The Trust’s active collection of Waikato relevant artworks and historical documents will often be displayed with some relevance to other museum exhibitions or significant events in the Waikato cultural calendar. Most of the works will have some link to Tainui tangata whenua, the land, the river, representations of the colonial past and the rich history of the Waikato region.
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