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Historic paa site planning and the maramataka | Matariki Koorero

14 July 2023


Free entry

Ockie Simmonds-Tumapuhia (Raukawa, Tuuwharetoa, Ngaa Puhi) is a tribal researcher from the Society of Maaori Astronomy Research and Traditions (SMART).

He was born in 1951 when his Raukawa people in the South Waikato still used the traditional Maaori lunar calendar, the maramataka, for pastoral and business activity. Ockie has a broad understanding of his whakapapa, astronomy and cosmology and his promotion of the Maaori night sky is legendary with his whaanau. 

In this free public talk, he will discuss Te Whare Wairua o Raukawa – the spiritual house of Raukawa, and the astronomical knowledge used to align intra-tribal paa sites (towns) in pre-European Aotearoa.


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