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"Poi E: The Story of Our Song" Free film screening

6 February 2023

1.30pm to 3pm

Free event

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Join us at Waikato Museum to commemorate Waitangi Day with this free screening of "Poi E: The Story of Our Song" supported by the New Zealand Film Commission.

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About "Poi E: The Story of Our Song"

2016, 96 minutes duration, rated G

‘Poi E’, a simple song with a catchy beat released 32 years ago, has become New Zealand’s unofficial national anthem. With humour, energy and emotion, the movie Poi E is the story of how that iconic song gave pride to generations of New Zealanders.

From Taika Waititi giving Stan Walker his quirky take on life in the 1980s to Pātea Māori Club members’ straight-talking and funny memories of the song’s visionary originator Dalvanius Prime, director Tearepa Kahi (Mt Zion) captures a unique story that taps into the heart of the nation.

Waitangi Day Festival

This event is part of Waikato Museum’s Waitangi Day Festival on Monday 6 February. To find out more, visit