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Science in a Van: What’s the Matter?

14 January 2023

10.30am to 11.15am

11.45am to 12.30pm

Tickets $11.50

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Join us to explore the world of material science with Science in a Van's fun show “What’s the Matter?”.

The team from Science in a Van will get your kids excited about the strange magic of solids, liquids and gases. This show introduces the periodic table in a fun way (yes, it can be done!) and demonstrates how elements can come together to make different materials - sometimes with explosive results. What are the properties of a material? How many states of matter are there? These and many more curly questions will be answered!

Perfect for family groups with children aged 8+ and adults with a good sense of humour.

Duration: 45 minutes.

Check out the performances on Sunday 22 January too.