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Culture Club: Hillcrest High School Hanfu Dance Group

5 August 2018


Free event

We are a group of students devoted to preserving and promoting the aspects of traditional culture, etiquette and values. Come and see us showcase the magnificence of thousands of years of history and traditions. We have students performing classical dances, an artist showcasing calligraphy, a composer playing traditional folk music and much more.


  1. Pink Dance Cai Wei "Plucking Vetches"
  2. Chinese tea art ceremony
  3. Traditional zither (stringed instrument) performance
  4. Calligraphy
  5. Red Dance "The Nation of Greatness and Courtesy"
  6. Opportunity for audience to try playing the zither
  7. Cantonese Song "Be Keen on You"
  8. Writing names in Chinese characters
  9. Free tattoo stickers
  10. Hanfu dress-up and photo session