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Artworks from Te Papa's National Collection on Display at Waikato Museum

15 December 2014

Edith Amituanai The Amituanai family lotu

The latest works from the regional initiative Unpacked: Treasures from Te Papa go on display at Waikato Museum today.

“Unpacked: Treasures from Te Papa allows us to partner with regional museums and galleries to showcase historical and contemporary artworks from the national collection for a period of three months,” Te Papa touring manager Aaron Te One says.

“This project, which was launched at the Whangarei Art Museum late last year, is part of Te Papa’s broader programme of work to extend beyond the walls of our buildings and ensure all New Zealanders, regardless of where they live, can see our national treasures.”

Waikato Museum director Cherie Meecham says Unpacked: Treasures from Te Papa has added another dimension to Waikato Museum’s galleries.

“The artworks which change regularly inspire and delight our visitors and the stand-alone display gives credibility and attention to our national treasures, making them all the more memorable.”

The latest items to go on display are two photographs from Edith Amituanai, showing a Samoan family who have come together to pray, and a Samoan professional rugby prop based in France towering above them.

“Edith’s Samoan heritage and Auckland upbringing shape her work, which is deliberately anthropological – a study of custom, place, and identity,” Te Papa curator Rebecca Rice says.

The photographs will remain on display until March, before being replaced with new treasures from Te Papa’s collection.

Image: Edith Amituanai, The Amituanai family lotu, 2005, colour photograph, type-C print, purchased 2009


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