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Biosecurity Under Watch at Waikato Museum

16 February 2012

Shipping containers carrying the ‘How to make a Monster’ exhibition will be checked by Waikato Museum staff trained in inspecting and securing biosecurity risks onsite, enabling them to bypass a costly biosecurity process.

Acting Director Andy Lowe says this is a major step forward for Waikato Museum.

“This is a very big deal for us. Having MAF-certified staff on our team means we will save up to $2,000 on every shipment and our containers are more likely to be unloaded in time if they are cleared,” he said.

Three containers will arrive at the Museum tomorrow (Friday, 17 February) with their unusual cargo which includes creatures made of kangaroo fur and macaw feathers. No creature will be spared a thorough inspection including the Abominable Snowman. Any ‘accidental hitchhikers’ which could include live insects, animals and plants will be reported to MAF Biosecurity immediately.

“We intend to always have two MAF-trained staff at Waikato Museum to deal with sea-freighted consignments. Even though the cargo we receive is precious, the threat to our agricultural and horticultural industries is a real issue. We’re lucky New Zealand has such stringent biosecurity processes in place,” said Mr Lowe.

The ‘How to Make a Monster: The Art and Technology of Animatronics’ exhibition is at Waikato Museum from 25 February until 15 July 2012. The exhibition is based on the various stages in the creation of monsters and creatures developed for the film industry from scripting, to creature design and mechanics.

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