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Waikato Museum launches new website experience for online visitors

11 May 2020

The Exhibition Creator website2

Waikato Museum has launched a new website experience for visitors keen to try their hand at creating an online exhibition using images of items from the Museum’s collection.

‘The Exhibition Creator’ was developed to be a central feature for an upcoming exhibition called Curator Notes, revealing how a curator constructs and shapes an exhibition to tell a story.

Waikato Museum Director Cherie Meecham says: “We’ve released the new development early to provide an engaging online activity for people still at home during the Covid-19 alert levels.”

“It provides a unique opportunity for online visitors to take on the role of a museum curator and to create their own exhibition online.”

Ms Meecham says: “Waikato Museum, along with many museums and galleries around New Zealand, is extending our online presence to provide our community with opportunities to interact with us in exciting new ways until our physical buildings reopen.”

Waikato Museum worked with local Hamilton company Area Design to come up with the new concept. A central theme of the new experience is choice – of topic, theme and content - and how to work within constraints such as space, time, and the availability of artworks and objects.

To access ‘The Exhibition Curator’ online portal, go to the Waikato Museum website here:


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