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Visitors still welcome while Waikato Museum exterior undergoes maintenance

10 February 2020

Waikato Museum IMG 0243

Visitors are still welcome at Waikato Museum while its exterior is spruced up this month.

Waikato Museum will have a crane in the neighbouring carpark, scaffolding around the front of the building and its front courtyard pools fenced off for two to three weeks as the roof and exterior of the building undergoes maintenance.

Waikato Museum Director Cherie Meecham says: “We’re still welcoming visitors as it’s business as usual at the Museum throughout this period.

“It should all be completed before Children’s Day at the Museum and the opening of our next family-friendly blockbuster exhibition Dinosaurs rEvolution, both happening on Saturday 7 March.”

Ms Meecham says the Museum is open every day of the year except Christmas Day and so routine maintenance needs to be undertaken while the Museum is open and operating as usual.

The membrane on part of the Museum’s roof is being replaced while tiled parts of the roof, as well as external brickwork, are being cleaned and waterproofed, and guttering and downpipes painted.

A crane will be temporarily positioned in the carpark next to the Museum to remove and replace air-conditioning units to enable the roof work to proceed.

Meanwhile the feature pools in front of the Museum are also getting a spruce-up. They will be emptied, cleaned, painted and re-sealed – and fenced off for a week to enable the finish to ‘cure’ – before they are refilled.

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