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Live insects invade Waikato Museum over Spring and Summer

21 October 2019

0H8A1924 Dress up in a bug costume

Live insects are invading Waikato Museum in a new family-friendly, hands-on exhibition opening on Friday (25 October) in time for Labour Day weekend and running  through the summer.

Bugs! Our Backyard Heroes is a free-entry exhibition exploring the secret world of bugs and the vital role they play in our lives. It also brings visitors face-to-face with some real live mini-monsters, including a giant centipede, tree weetaa, stick insects, locusts, crickets, cockroaches and Avondale spiders.

 Waikato Museum Director Cherie Meecham says: “This exhibition provides visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the different native species of bugs in New Zealand and the precarious position they sometimes hold in the ecosystem.”

 Plenty of hands-on activities will stimulate youngsters’ minds with ideas, including how to become a citizen scientist and how bugs inspire those on the frontline of technology, she says.

 “We invite schools to contact our education team to take advantage of a tailored programme for school visits,” says Ms Meecham.

 The exhibition has been developed and toured by Puke Ariki, New Plymouth.

Bugs Spider rectangle


Activities for younger visitors include a chance to dress-up in a bug costume. (Credit: Puke Ariki)

Spider macro-image (Credit: Puke Ariki)


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