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Volunteer FAQs

Who can volunteer?

Anyone can apply to volunteer at Waikato Museum, and having specific knowledge or experience may or may not be necessary, depending on the role. All volunteers are appointed subject to a police vet. We value the diversity of our volunteers for the different perspectives they bring to the museum.

How much time do I need to commit?

Normally we would ask for a regular commitment for at least a half day per week, but some roles have different requirements. Occasionally we can offer a position to someone doing a lot of hours for a short time period, but normally we are looking for people able to commit for at least a year or two in the role.

Can I do more than one job at the Waikato Museum?

Yes you can. There are a number of our volunteers who work in several different roles because they have the time, and they enjoy the variety of work.

What about holidays and travel?

We do make every effort to fit around holidays and your other commitments, and for most volunteer roles, it is possible to take periods of leave to accommodate your travel plans.

Will I get training?

Some roles do not require training, but others have extensive training, and these are the roles (such as guiding) that we ask for a long term commitment. All our volunteers are given support and supervision, and will be helped to up-skill in their particular area.

What benefits do I get as a volunteer?

As a volunteer you are entitled to various invitations and discounts. Volunteers are also invited to listen to speakers and socialise over afternoon tea on a regular basis throughout the year.