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Visitor Object Consideration Process

Please be advised that while every effort will be made to respond to your enquiry, any item/s brought to the museum to be examined or to be deposited, first require the Curator to be notified. If you have not made a prior appointment to see the Curator and they are not immediately available to see you, please fill out the form HERE and it will be forwarded to the appropriate Curator.


This is a three stage process: 


For safekeeping the museum does not accept items at the reception desk, so please retain your item with you until the Curator has contacted you.


For appointments and further assistance please contact one of the following staff members:


Social History and Ethnology enquiries:

Nadia Gush, Curator                          

ph: 07 838 6572 


Tangata Whenua enquiries:

Maree Mills, Curator                         

ph: 07 838 6713 


Science enquiries:

Jon Primmer, Curator                        

ph: 07 838 9034