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War and Military

A Helmet For The Home Front
Waikato Museum's depths hold treasures the public may never see - until now. In the first of a fortnightly series telling the stories behind the artefacts, Waikato Times city editor Mary Anne… - More

The Art Of War - Pacific Style
The Waikato Museum collection contains an array of Pacific weaponry gruesome enough to strike fear into anyone's heart, writes Crystal Ardern.
The island nations of the Pacific are lauded for their stunning beauty, the landscape, the culture, the people.
It's not often you… - More

A Captain's Uniform
Food shortages, frigid weather, a lack of arable land and the threat of battle – what better time to hold a ball? 
Almost a year after settling in Kirikiriroa, conditions for the 4th Regiment of the Waikato Militia were looking increasingly bleak. … - More

A Wartime Wife's Best Friend
A little short on whipped cream? Try slicing a banana into the white of an egg and beating until stiff. Need the butter to go further? Mix 1 tbsp with 1tbsp of warm milk before spreading on sammies.
The pages of the… - More

W. R. Friar
On October 17th, 1917, William R. Friar, or Bill as he signed off his letters, sent a telegram home to his mum that simply said ‘doing splendidly’.
He was in 83 General Hospital in Boulogne, France, suffering from wounds received while fighting… - More