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Historic sites

Beale Cottage


Beale Cottage is situated on the corner of Beale and Grey streets in Hamilton East. It is one of Hamilton's longest surviving examples of colonial architecture. The cottage was built around 1872 to accommodate Doctor Bernard Charles Beale's medical practice and expanding family.

The cottage is ranked very highly by the Historic Places Trust in terms of its value as a heritage site. Hamilton City Council purchased the cottage in 1990 and declared the property an historic reserve in 1994. It is currently managed and maintained by the Waikato Museum and Council's Parks and Gardens department.

PS Rangiriri


Rangiriri is Hamilton's historic paddle steamer. Measuring 24.5 x 6.5 metres it was shipped, assembled and launched at Port Waikato in 1864, initially brought in as a gun boat.

History reveals that the Rangiriri was mainly used as a steam tug pulling barges along the Waikato River.

Now a wreck, in recent years a project has been put in place to restore this piece of Waikato history. In 1981 a Department of Labour work scheme excavated and undertook a survey of the vessel. Then in 1982, the vessel was pulled further up the bank ready for preservation and restoration work.

The Waikato Museum and Parks and Gardens departments of Hamilton City Council worked together for the planning of preservation, development of seating area and interpretation.

The rudder and other pieces of the vessel are now in the Museum collection and the wreck is listed in Council's District Plan as a significant heritage item.