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Music and Memory Concert Tour POSTPONED TO 2022

2 September 2021

Free event


Trains, pots, musings, music for consort of viols: a strange, unexpected combination united in this concert with readings from the ‘writings’ of Barry Brickell. Palliser Viols presents this concert series in towns on the Main Trunk Line in the North Island.

A consort of viols seems an esoteric choice, until you hear them – the lines of melody, clear in each part, weave an enchanting fabric of beautiful sound, harmony, musical invention and immediate appeal. Taonga puoro express in a pure way the relationship of humans to this landscape and unique environment.

We combine the two ancient, pre-colonial, traditions of music for viols and taonga puoro is to experience a confluence of streams of beauty which bring us together.

Music from the time of Shakespeare and present-day New Zealand will be combined with readings from ‘A Barry Brickell Reader’ read by Gregory O’Brien. Composers will include Orlando Gibbons, William Byrd, Alfonso Ferrabosco from 17th Century England, and Gillian Whitehead and Ross Harris from 21st Century New Zealand.