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From Scratch

2 September 2020


$25 per person


Eventbrite - Bat Tour


The legendary ‘From Scratch’ will take you on a magical sonic journey with original DIY instruments creating rhythms and sounds and an unforgettable Pacifica message for eyes and ears of all ages.

Hear a reprise of their stunning historic work ‘Pacific 3,2,1,Zero’ – a conch call to the fallout of nuclear testing and climate change on low lying islands.

‘From Scratch’ are a New Zealand experimental music/performance group, best known for their large sculptural invented instruments and rhythmic innovation. They have performed since 1974 with an ever-changing lineup, though principally led by Philip Dadson.

“…among the greatest in any art form to come out of this country” – Wystan Curnow


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Image credit: Courtesy of Michael Doherty