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The Jurisich Experience: In-situ Installations by Gaye Jurisich

12 September - 1 November 2020

Gaye Jurisich is part inventor, part intuitive, part sensor, part experimenter and part researcher. Collectively these equate to the totality of her practice as an artist. Her sculptural works play with colour, line, space, and composition on a grand scale. Using an entire gallery for one sculptural work and the museum foyer and forecourt for others, Gaye Jurisich changes the way we see sculpture. This exhibition of installations in and around the museum allow us to enter the workings of Jurisich’s creative process. This is the Jurisich experience.

For more information about Gaye Jurisich and her practice, read an essay prepared by Waikato Museum Curator Leafa Wilson, 'Materialising: The Art of Gaye Jurisich'.

Education programmes are available for this exhibition.


Image: Detail, Lean To, in-situ installation, yellow crop twine, wire,pins, detail from Sculpture on the Shore, 2012, Gaye Jurisich, Courtesy of the artist