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The Exhibition Creator

On Now, Online

Create your own exhibition online using images of items from the Museum’s collection.

The Exhibition Creator was developed as a central feature for our exhibition, Curator Notes, revealing how a museum curator devises and shapes an exhibition to tell a story. It provides a unique opportunity for you to learn what it means to be a museum curator, and to create your own exhibition online. 

To create an exhibition that tells a story, a curator has to make choices – of topic, theme and content – and then has to work within constraints such as space, time, and the availability of artworks and objects.

What story do you want to tell with the objects in our collection? What topics are you interested in, and how will you use our artworks, taonga and historical items to share your story online?

Click on The Exhibition Creator link below and follow the instructions.  We hope you enjoy the experience!

Note: The Exhibition Creator has been designed for tablet screens or larger (ie. tablet, laptop, desktop).

Visit The Exhibition Creator

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The Exhibition Creator is designed for screens that are tablet-sized or larger (ie. tablet, laptop, desktop etc). Click on the image or go to:


Waikato Museum worked with local Hamilton company, Area Design, to develop The Exhibition Creator.

Image: Detail, Tripetal, 1992, bronze, by Elaine Henry (b. 1938). Barry Hopkin’s Art Trust Collection, courtesy of Waikato Museum Te Whare Taonga o Waikato.