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Blooming: An Abstract Garden of Waahine-Women’s Works

9 November 2019 - 9 February 2020

How we relate to abstraction depends on our own cultural experience and our interpretation of line, colour and shape. The absence of any obvious meaning can allow us to find our own connection to abstract art and to make up our own stories to give it meaning.

Blooming celebrates the concept of the ‘Divine Feminine’ by presenting an abstract garden glimpsed through the eyes of women artists. Discover for yourself how they use colour and shape, floral and human form, to convey ideas around natural phenomena.

The exhibition presents works from our permanent collections by well-known women artists including Bateseba Daniel and Mirinoa Ngata, Chiara Corbelletto, Gretchen Albrecht, Zena Elliott, and 2006 National Contemporary Art Award winner Sriwhana Spong.

Education programmes are available for this exhibition. 

Image: Te Puhela o te Tiare (The Flowers have Bloomed), by Bateseba Daniel (b. 1932) and Mirinoa Ngata (b. 1944), cotton tivaevae, 2012. Trust Waikato Art and Taonga Collection.