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Writer's Talk: Tessa Duder - Catching up with James Cook (and others)

30 August 2019


Free event

Award-winning novelist and historical writer Tessa Duder OBE shares her passion for writing about significant contributors to New Zealand’s story: primarily the acclaimed English seafarer and surveyor Lieutenant James Cook who in 1769-70 literally put New Zealand on the world’s maps. She'll talk about her book First Map: How James Cook charted Aotearoa New Zealand, superbly illustrated by award-winning artist David Elliot. 

​Tessa Duder will be in conversation with Jackie Rassell. As Hamilton Book Month draws to a close, join us for a complimentary drink, lively discussion and book signing. Tessa’s books are available in the Museum Shop.

This event is part of Hamilton Book Month.

Photo credit: Channel Magazine