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Standing up to prejudice, discrimination and bullying

22 August 2019


Free event

Books on bullying, discrimination and youth suicide will be discussed by librarian specialist Joan Gibbons. Holocaust Centre CEO Chris Harris will talk about messages around "doing the right thing" with examples from history and the present day and the skills involved in doing so. The talk coincides with Let Me Be Myself: The Life Story of Anne Frank, an exhibition exploring subjects like identity, prejudice, and discrimination in both past and present times.


Joan Gibbons


  • After training as a teacher, Joan Gibbons spent 10 years as Deputy Librarian at the Hamilton Teachers College Library and 8 years as librarian with the Faculty of Education at the University of Waikato, specialising in books for teachers to use with children. She then spent 12 years at Wintec, working particularly with Health and Media Arts students, and developing an interest in adult literacy and numeracy, and in post-graduate research and writing. She is now retired but continues to be interested in books for children and young adults.


Chris Harris

CEO of the Holocaust Centre of NZ

  • Chief Executive Officer of the Holocaust Centre of New Zealand,  Chris Harris is  responsible for sharing the concerns of the organisation worldwide. A former secondary school history teacher, he brings his skills as an educator to this role. In January he was honoured with an award from the International Department of Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem for his work in education.  He has also been recognised as a Balfour scholar in Holocaust studies through the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for his work on the subject.


This event coincides with our exhibition Let Me Be Myself: The Life Story of Anne Frank and Hamilton Book Month.