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Sand in the Apricot Jam: Rebecca Holden

4 March - 11 June 2017

Free entry

Sand in the Apricot Jam is a visual arts project aimed at acknowledging the role of the New Zealand Mounted Rifles in the First World War. First exhibited at Expressions Art Centre in Upper Hutt, artist Rebecca Holden created the majority of the artwork on site. The works look at the role of the New Zealand Mounted
Rifles in the Middle East campaign, as well as their contribution at Gallipoli. Rebecca’s grandfather served with the Auckland Mounted Rifles and was wounded at Gallipoli. He returned to serve with his regiment in the Sinai and Palestine until the end of the war.

Education programmes are available for this exhibition and can be combined with a visit to For Us They Fell.

Image: Detail, Sand in the Apricot Jam, Rebecca Holden.