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ArtsPost houses three gallery spaces, each of these spaces has a significant name.

Ida Carey Gallery

1891 – 1982 

Ida Carey was a significant Waikato artist. In the 1920s and 30s Ida Carey studied art in Sydney. An influential teacher and painter, she co-founded the Waikato Society of Arts in 1934. In the 1960’s, she painted a series of Maaori woman with the moko. A woman with great tenacity and courage who made an important contribution to the art in the Waikato. 

Margot Philips Gallery

1920 Germany – 1989 New Zealand 

Margot Philips was also a significant Waikato artist and supporter of the arts. “I knew after I had settled here something inside of me was destroyed. I needed something within me to build up again. I was terribly excited by the Waikato landscape, once I was really ready to look.” - Margot Philips

Chartwell Gallery

The Chartwell Gallery gains its name from the Chartwell Trust initiated by Rob Gardiner. The Waikato Society of Arts (WSA) moved into ArtsPost in 1997, but prior to that, the Chartwell Trust  purpose-built a gallery space for the WSA in Victoria Street in the former Hamilton Hotel building (the gallery was next to Bar 101).

Here the WSA operated a gallery shop and it is due the huge assistance and support of The Chartwell Trust, the WSA continued for many more years and flourished as an art society.