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Terms and Conditions

Fieldays No.8 Wire National Art Award Terms and Conditions 2022

  1. Entry to the Fieldays No.8 National Art Award open to all permanent residents and citizens of New Zealand. Entry opens on Friday 14 January and closes 1pm Monday 14 March 2022.

  2. The exhibition will be held at ArtsPost, Hamilton from Friday 22 April – Monday 23 May 2022.

  3. All applications must be on the Fieldays No.8 Wire National Art Award official online entry form. Artists may submit more than one entry, but each entry must be entered separately using the online form.

  4. The entry fee is $30 per entry (non-refundable). An entry is not valid until payment has been received.

  5. The dominant visual and structural feature of the artwork must be No.8 wire or wire of a similar gauge e.g. 4mm soft galvanised wire equivalent. At least one other material used must be agriculture related. A person viewing the artwork as it is intended to be displayed in the exhibition should reasonably expect to recognise the artwork as primarily made from No.8 or comparable wire. The type or gauge of wire used must be stated in the entry, and the materials ranked from most to least prominent.

  6. Entered works cannot have been previously exhibited anywhere in the New Zealand art arena or elsewhere. The entry must be created for, and to be first viewed, at the Fieldays No.8 Wire National Art Award 2022. All works are to be original. All submitters/entrants are to be the owner of the work(s).

    6.1 As an entrant, you may be invited by NZ National Fieldays to exhibit your work elsewhere. If your work has sold prior, permission would have to be given by the new owner. NZ National Fieldays will prepare a loan contract with the artist or owner. Unsold works exhibited at the Fieldays can be offered for sale.

  7. Entrants must submit an image or design drawing of their entry via the online entry form of a reasonable resolution quality. Images must be high quality JPG file format 1-3MB and no smaller than 800x600px. (1280x960 is recommended). Please note: these images may be used to promote the exhibition. The images must not identify the artist.

  8. No changes are permitted once entries are submitted.  This includes the artwork itself and the price and text.

  9. Artworks must be less than 2960mm high and be able to fit through a doorway of 1050mm wide x 2100mm high. Ceiling and wall mounted objects to weigh no more than 10kgs.

  10. Any additional costs incurred by an entrant for installation, hireage, maintenance or operation of the exhibit, which is not covered by the normal exhibition costs provided by Waikato Museum, shall be paid by the exhibitor at the time of installation. Similarly, any exhibitor with an entry that requires specific legal, regulatory or safety applications to be met, shall undertake to carry out these procedures to the satisfaction of Waikato Museum prior to installation.

  11. Finalists will be notified of their selection in the week commencing 21 March 2022.

  12. The judge’s decision is final. There will be no discussion/correspondence entered into this decision.

  13. Sale of works:

    13.1. All entries must be for sale. The' Artist Price' is to be shown on the entry form. Waikato Museum will receive a commission of 40% on all works sold plus 15% GST on the 40% commission = 46% total commission. Hamilton-based artists are eligible for a reduced commission of 25% (incl GST). To qualify for the Hamilton-based artist commission rate of 25%, you will need to provide a rates bill or rental agreement and a utilities bills from within the last two months for an address within the Hamilton City Boundaries (as defined by the District Plan)

    The Artist Price (AP) must be the price you wish to receive for your artwork. To calculate the 'Catalogue Price' (CP).
    AP$ ÷ 0.54 = CP$
    i.e. CP$1,000 (AP$540 + $460 commission)

     13.2. If the artwork is sold, Waikato Museum will pay the artist the 'Artist Price' at the conclusion of the exhibition.

     13.3. It is the entrant's responsibility to make their dealer or agent aware of their entry.

     13.4. There will be no sales prior to opening night.

     13.5. All sold works will stay on display at ArtsPost for the entirety of the exhibition.

  14. Freight and delivery of work: 

    14.1. Specific packaging, freight and delivery details will be advised if selected.

    14.2. Finalists work is to arrive at ArtsPost on Tuesday 19 – Wednesday 20 April 2022. Installation requiring Artist presence to be completed on Wednesday 20 April.
    14.3 Waikato Museum staff will take all care but accept no responsibility for any loss or damage or deterioration that may occur to entries. Artists should arrange their own insurance for the duration of the exhibition.
    14.4. All artwork must be securely packaged in reusable packing materials suitable for the return of work to the artist, including those personally delivered. Your name, address, and title must be adhered to the outside of packaging for ease of identification.  Artist is responsible for the collection or courier return of their artwork. Waikato Museum reserves the right to dispose of any uncollected works after 90 days.

  15. NZ National Fieldays Society and Waikato Museum reserves the right to reproduce the exhibited artworks for advertising and marketing purposes of any form. There will be no entitlement to royalty or other payment for reproduction.

  16. Entrants are automatically added to Waikato Museum's database and entrants will receive updates on new events, exhibitions and awards from Waikato Museum. 

  17. Staff and immediate families of NZ National Fieldays Society, Hamilton City Council (Waikato Museum) and the judge are not entitled to enter the Fieldays No.8 Wire National Art Award.

  18. Award winners must make themselves available for marketing and promotion of the exhibition. This may include being available for photography and media interviews at a time required by the media (eg. live interviews for radio may need to be conducted by telephone at a weekend.)

  19. Entries must not be derogatory towards Waikato Museum, ArtsPost Galleries and Shop, Hamilton City Council, NZ National Fieldays Society, or any associated parties/partners of these organisations.