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Print Matters: New Works on Paper

Print Council of Aotearoa New Zealand

15 June 2018 - 16 July 2018

Free entry

This exhibition shows the breadth of printmaking undertaken by Print Council of New Zealand members using a range of traditional and contemporary techniques, processes, materials and concepts.

Printmaking in Aotearoa New Zealand is steeped in tradition and credit must be given to those 20th century artists who helped achieve recognition and a new status for print.  While many artists have benefitted from this legacy, the print culture of Aotearoa New Zealand has changed significantly in the past few decades.  Some of this transformation has been by artists themselves making a stronger commitment to print but also by initiatives such as group exhibitions, community education, international exchanges, the forming of small collectives and giving support to a national organisation such as PCANZ.

Some more recent printmaking developments that have had notable impact include the emergence of photogravure, the tyranny of the edition, the mixed media print and the acceptance of digital printmaking. For some, there is much confusion regarding what constitutes digital printmaking while, for others, any new pathways are simply ways of extending the existing field and offering new creative opportunities. For print to remain viable, such evolution is necessary and many have had to adapt while others maintain perhaps a quieter allegiance to a tradition. Debate about what print actually is and how to ascertain value is complex but if this exhibition shows why ‘print matters’ to the guest selector Mark Graver and why it matters to the artists whose work he has chosen, then it has achieved its goal. - Carole Shepheard

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Image: Imagined and Remembered Places – Hunter 2018, Mark Graver.



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