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Carol Bisset, Justina Groeber and Jayne Thomas

14 February 2020 - 16 March 2020

Societies have varied notions of value and values but ultimately consider the value of human life as non-negotiable. Often it is through the sacrifices made by individuals, that values rise to the fore, and are recognised, and subsequently nurtured and defended by societies.

Some works in this exhibition focus on the people who by fighting for their values have changed the course of history.

Other works in this exhibitions focus on the value judgements that people place on each other through media constructs. These works explore how images influence our perception of ourselves and others in negative or positive ways and damage notions of self-worth within communities.

The third groups of works reflect on the connection between value and vulnerability exploring perception of preciousness in broken objects.

This exhibition intends to raise questions for viewers about our belief systems, and how these might influence the judgements we make.


Image: 'Shoot ' you are only going to kill a man' by Jayne Thomas




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