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Ka Hikina: Navigating the Present

Various artists

14 June 2019 - 15 July 2019

Free entry

Ka Hikina: Navigating the Present brings together a group of Maaori and Kanaka Maoli artists, who through their work, affirm and regenerate future pathways.

Donna Campbell – Ngaa Puhi & Ngaati Ruanui, is an artist and researcher who is passionate about raranga and whatu as contemporary expression. Her work extends the current discourse of Maaori fibre arts in Aotearoa today. For this show, Donna is exploring new forms and textures in her raranga practice.

Aroha Mitchell - Te Arawa & Ngaati Porou, is an artist who creates largescale paintings expressing ancestral connections and their value in knowledge transmission and identity. Her practice is also strongly grounded in the tikanga of raranga and whatu processes.

Dr Tāwhanga Nopera - Ngaati Whakaue, Ngaati Waahiao & Tuuhourangi, explores both embodied and disembodied notions of identity. For works created in this show, the focus is on healing and the journey towards Kaupapa Maaori aspirations.

Dr Nālani Wilson-Hokowhitu - Kanaka ʻŌiwi, is an artist and academic whose work raises global awareness about critical, innovative and transformative Indigenous futurities to aloha ‘āina, moana and mālama Honua, to love, protect and care for our islands, oceans, and Earth.

Image: Hina Sailing Into the Moon, Nālani Wilson-Hokowhitu.


 Aroha Mitchell. Nga Hau. Acrylic on paper.

Image: Ngā Hau, Aroha Mitchell.


Donna Campbell. Vessel I. Harakeke synthetic dyes.

Image:  Vessel I. Harakeke, Donna Campbell.


Tawhanga Nopera. Muruika. Digital image composite variable dimensions.

Image: Muruika, Tāwhanga Nopera. 




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