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Lush: Sensational ceramic surfaces

Beyond The Bombays Ceramic Group

18 March 2016 - 18 April 2016

Free entry

Lush is a group show of 11 experienced potters and ceramic artists who celebrate the rich surfaces of their work.

They live north and south of the Bombay Hills and have come together through this group exhibition to connect with other like-minded ceramic practitioners and show off the wonderful world of ceramic glazes. 

This group of well-known ceramists specialise in a wide variety of glazes and surface treatments including wood-fired soda, salt or ash glazes, slips and under glazes, lustres and raku.

This exhibition will give the visitor a lush sensory experience of what ceramics can achieve in the hands of master practitioners.


  • Margaret Bray (Franklin)
  • Suzy Dunser (Auckland)
  • Emily Eales (Waikato)
  • Diane Parker (Waikato)
  • Helen Perrett (Auckland)
  • Judy Rae (Auckland)
  • Susan St Lawrence (Waikato)
  • Trish Seddon (Waikato) Janet Smith (Waikato)
  • Carol Stewart (Auckland)
  • Margaret Sumich (Auckland)

Ceramics is a lifelong artistic practice and ceramists enjoy the variety of challenges it continually presents to them – from mastering shape and form to actualising the visualised surface treatment; each aspect could easily consume them for decades. 

This exhibition highlights not so much the form or narrative, but the myriad of ways master ceramists have found to bring the surface of their work alive.  In doing so, the aim is to give the visitor an exciting and visually stimulating experience of clay.




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