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Good Deeds: An inquiry


1 July 2022 - 1 August 2022

Open daily 10am to 5pm

Free entry


What does it mean to perform a 'good deed'? Does a deeds merit accrue on a solely individual basis, or does 'goodness' have no meaning outside the mesh of social observation? Are our good deeds, however grand, and in whatever quantity, enough to stave off judgement? And what happens when someone spills one on you?

Such questions are the entry point to a less comfortable conflict of values, rendered in Hal0affect's deceptive pop-gothic style, at dimensions ranging from small but tricky to large, messy and infested. 

These mixed media original works on paper and canvas, are visually accessible even as they provoke a sense of awkwardness, the feeling of witnessing an allegory that doesn't quite make sense.

If Good Deeds mean anything, it's probably a series of cylindrical tubes, some tall and thin, others short and wide, but all of them silent with the anxiety of the observed.



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Open 7 days

Daily 10 am – 5 pm

Closed Christmas Day

120 Victoria St
New Zealand
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