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Marnie White

14 January 2022 - 7 February 2022

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My practice is conducted by a three-stage process. Firstly, I construct the objects using materials found around my studio; folding, draping, and bundling them over themselves, until I recognise landforms such as rolling hills or peaks and valleys.  

Secondly, I photograph the objects; this is to document the various forms in which they existed, as if they were living subjects and capable of natural processes.  

Finally, using the photos for reference; I paint my interpretation of the material landforms. 

‘The discarded canvas fell like a landform on the studio floor. The materiality of the surface captured the organic raw nature of our landscape, both real and imagined’.  

Ultimately, the materiality of the object’s surface is what determines the form. They undergo processes of construction and deconstruction (not that unlike the physical world), while drawing to the forefront the attention to materiality, form, and matter. 



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