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Objects & memorabilia

Finding Ireland On The Banks Of The Waikato
BY: CRYSTAL ARDERN PUBLISHED: WAIKATO TIMES 10 JUNE 2006, P.D7 Waikato Museum's Crystal Ardern traces the movements of a well-travelled wicker basket from the 19th century Alice Fulton was 18 years old when she said goodbye to family and friends, boarded a ship, and… - More

Mayor's Chair Bonds Present With Past
A chair, a cradle and a photo are the latest treasures Waikato Times city editor Mary Anne Gill finds in Waikato Museum's basement. His name was Bond, James Shiner Bond, and an impressive kauri chair he used as mayor of Hamilton is… - More

Instruments Among Saddler's Memorabilia
A concertina in the basement of Waikato Museum reveals the owner was a man of many interests, writes Mary Anne Gill A concertina seems to be an odd thing for a saddler to have in his possession, but the musical instrument at… - More

Radio With A New Station In Life
BY: MARY ANNE GILL PUBLISHED: WAIKATO TIMES 13 MAY 2006, P.D7 The days of gramophones and early portable radios are recalled at Waikato Museum, writes Mary Anne Gill. Mr and Mrs Lee's funky portable radio is quite a head-turner even today. The couple bought it… - More

Snippets Of Life Revealed In Scripts
BY: LESTER THORLEY PUBLISHED: WAIKATO TIMES 29 APRIL 2006, P.D7 Lester Thorley learns about some international links to Hamilton through letters written decades ago. What do Winston Churchill, World War I soldier Alexander May, and 19th century American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow have in… - More

God Save The Memorabilia
Waikato Museum's collection attests to New Zealand's enduring fascination with the royals. Open the pages of the Royal family pop up book, and Charles and Diana spring to life. That famous balcony wedding scene carefully replicated in colourful 3D – pull one… - More

Solomon Island Treasures
Bamboo tongs, shark carvings and dancing sticks seem a strange lot to group together. But each item is part of the significant Solomon Islands collection held at the Waikato Museum. Donated to the Museum in 1973 by Dr. Hirini Mead, the collection… - More

Board Games From The Collection
With a backdrop of sand dunes, palm trees and a tank, it seems this is going to be a board game like no other. The bleached cardboard box boldly proclaims the words “Three fascinating new games!” and what games they are. ‘Through… - More

Fans From The Collection
Take a peek at the variety of fans tucked away in storage at the Waikato Museum. Up on a stepladder in Collection Storage, amidst the old razors and pillboxes and neatly stored brollys, I found a fan. A black, ostrich feather fan,… - More

Ciggies And Smokes
From tobacco tins to cigarette boxes, the shelves in storage bay one are awash with smoking paraphernalia of every kind. Lighters, match boxes, ciggy holders, ash trays, pipes, collectible cards – the list goes on, and pays testament to the uber cool… - More

Winston Wonders
Voted greatest ever Briton in 2002, Sir Winston Churchill has a Hamilton connection The story goes that after a weekend of ferocious fighting at the Duke of Marlborough’s, Lady Astor quipped to Winston Churchill, “Winston, if I were your wife I would… - More