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We have more than 30,000 taonga/objects in our Visual Arts, Social History, Tangata Whenua and Science collections. The collections contain important taonga from Maaori history from the early years of European settlement to today, including our regional art and history, and national events which impacted upon the region.

Our staff  are dedicated to preserving and displaying our cultural heritage. By developing the collections on your behalf, we ensure they continue to be relevant for future generations.

View our collection online

Part of our collection is now online.

You can also search our collection on Ehive

 Contributions to our collection

Due to the available storage space we have, we need to choose carefully which items can be accepted.

Once accepted, donation forms will be filled and signed by all parties.

 There are a number of different ways Waikato Museum acquires objects into our collections:

  • Purchase
  • Gift
  • Bequests
  • Loan (short and long term).

If you wish to contribute to the Museum's collection please contact the Collections and Exhibitions Manager.

Copyright / terms and conditions

You are welcome to use our website and online collections browser to find out more about the collections and use them for your private study, research or general interest.

For information on copyright and use of information please read our Terms and Conditions  here.