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Storytelling in the Gallery - Reading Buddies meet Scarface Claw

18 April 2019


Free event

Eventbrite - Waikato Museum School Holiday Programme

Come and read to one of our canine reading buddies.

Register your child/children for a 10-minute reading session with the Reading Buddies Team, learn about safety around dogs and attend a session where they read to a well-trained and friendly dog. Bring along your favourite book or choose from a selection provided by Hamilton City Libraries.

Participation is allowed only after you have attended Dog Safety briefing, no exceptions.

  • 10:15am Dog safety briefing for the children/families taking part (compulsory)
  • 10.30am, 10.45am, 11am, 11.15am Reading Buddies sessions with: Yvette and Toby, Kate and Greta, Liz and Mac

The Reading Buddies programme has been designed to allow children to practice reading in a relaxed and friendly environment. International studies have shown if children read to a well-trained and friendly dog, they develop more confidence with their reading and increase what is known as ‘reading fluency’ – a term describing comprehension and an individual child’s ability to read aloud.

Reading Buddies is an animal-assisted therapy programme targeting children learning to read during the phase of development where reading fluency is developing. Reading aloud is critical when learning to read but many children have difficulties reading and become self-conscious. By reading to a friendly dog, a child’s fear of being judged on mistakes disappears. Over time, the child’s reading ability and self-confidence increases, and they associate reading with fun and pleasure.