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Tom Scott Cartoon Reworks: Artist’s Talk

11 August 2018


Free event

Mardo El-Noor is a freelance graphic designer, motion gfx artist and photographer. Born in Germany of mixed Middle Eastern ancestry, he has called New Zealand home since 2003, and earned a Masters in Art & Design in 2009. His interest in telling stories in his photographic work was the catalyst behind approaching Tom Scott for this project.


Tom Scott, on his collaboration with Mardo El-Noor:

‘My original cartoons were A3 size drawings in black ink smudged with globs of correcting fluid slowly going yellow in a map drawer in my office. Now they are trillions of zeros & ones sprayed in vibrant colour on large sheets of polymer. I wasn’t at all keen when Mardo first approached me with the idea of working together and I hesitated for about as long as it took him to flip open his iPad and display his amazing, photo-realistic digital paintings. Cartoons have a short shelf life because that’s all they need. On good days you may create something deserving of a life span slightly longer than that of a fruit fly. On bad days you regret the fact that you lack the skills to do justice to the ideas in your head. Mardo’s fertile imagination and technical wizardry has given my work a second act.’