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Cats, Trains and Whimsy: Exquisite Etchings by Gary Tricker

28 September - 18 November 2018

Free entry

Gary Tricker has been a printmaker for the last 48 years and shows no signs of stopping. Tricker has mastered all the various techniques of intaglio printmaking. He etches only onto copper plates because it produces beautifully crisp lines. As with Tricker’s love of etching, his subject matter over the decades also demonstrates his deep observations of cats, trains, landscapes and people. His works are a kind of antipodean surrealism and rich visual content, including quotes from great writers like Coleridge, Emerson and Blake among others. His works are about this world but they are also about his own private world. It is a rare privilege to be able to have a window into the whimsical artistic vision of one of our country’s most gifted intaglio printmakers.


Image: The Hobbit, Gary Tricker, Waikato Bequests Trust Collection.