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Eureka: The Inventions of Archimedes with Ken Benn

21 - 22 April 2018

Saturday 21 April
3pm - 4.30pm 
5.30pm – 7.30pm 

Sunday 22 April
11am – 12.30pm 


Join us for a unique experience of 'Eureka: The Inventions of Archimedes'. Author and storyteller Ken Benn will take you on a fascinating journey, reliving the life and works of Archimedes. Admission includes entry to Eureka. Limited numbers, online bookings encouraged.

Eventbrite - Waikato Museum April School Holiday Programme - Hamilton

To the People of Hamilton

Greetings from Syracuse.

When your best friend bursts out of his front door and runs down the Main Street of town stark naked, shouting at the top of his voice, you start to wonder. Well, if he’s an ordinary friend you certainly do. And that’s the rub; Archimedes was no ordinary friend. He was my very best friend.

My name is Heracleides. Archimedes and I  grew up together; fishing, fighting, hunting … thinking. Archimedes did most of the thinking. He was in a league all of his own. Very few people ever ‘got him’.

Archimedes was centuries before his time. He pushed the boundaries of mathematics and turned mechanical engineering on its head.

Of course, there were the stuffy myth makers like Plutarch. They made it hard to separate fact from fiction. For instance, did Archimedes set ships on fire with mirrors? The Myth Busters and others have nearly gone off their heads barking up the wrong tree trying to prove or disprove that one. But I know what happened. I explained it in the biography of Archimedes I wrote shortly after those idiotic Roman soldiers murdered him. My book has been lost. Nobody even knows who I am. I’ll tell all on the 21 and 22 April.


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