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ArtsPost Floor Talk: Creating An Artful Mix

18 February 2018


Free event

Join artists from Artnexus and ArtVenture as they share their stories, inspiration and enthusiasm. 

List of speakers:


  • Pam Watson: ‘You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are - changes in materials and techniques over 45 years of painting - and more!’
  • Sue Edmonds: ‘The Art of Cat Herding - how the exhibition gets put together.'
  • Catherine Smith: ‘How Artnexus was formed and works.’
  • Sue Edmonds: ‘How ArtVenture was formed and works.’
  • Chris Kannegeiter, Jean Horn (Artnexus) and Denise White and Jacqui Hart (ArtVenture) will talk about their paintings.
  • Question and answer session. 



Images: [Left] Brave New World, Gerald Van Vliet. [Right-top] Bridges to Cross, Vicki Carruthers. [Right-bottom] Shorescape, Jane Whyte.