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Te Rongo Aaniwaniwa/A Dissonant Harmony

18 November 2017 - 18 February 2018

Free entry

Bringing together work by artists from across Waikato and beyond to explore the complexity of our relationship with the kauri tree and its forest, Te Rongo Aaniwaniwa/A Dissonant Harmony inhabits the space where concepts of art, science and cultural knowledge intersect. Once a powerful presence across Northern Aotearoa, from Waikato to Cape Reinga, kauri forest now exists in scattered fragments and as a legend in the imaginations of the people. Working in collaboration with artists, scientists, iwi and community, this exhibition uses art to expand awareness of the crucial place of kauri in our biological and cultural landscape, and the threat posed to this unique species by kauri dieback disease. Kauri ki uta, Kauri ki tai – May Kauri once again flourish from hilltop to the sea.

Exhibition curators: Chris McBride and Ariane Craig-Smith.

Education programmes are available for this exhibition.

The Kauri project logo

Image: Learn To Swim, Nicole Charles.