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Cotswolds to Cappadocia: David Fowler

2 June - 19 July 2017

Free entry

Twenty years ago, David and Juliet Fowler journeyed eastwards from England across Europe until they reached Turkey. These images document the human ingenuity evident in every place they visited.

‘I set out to find and document traditional dwellings that would represent the diversity of what is commonly known as Vernacular Architecture. The term Vernacular Architecture has several definitions. The one that provides the most flexibility is that it is ‘architecture without architects’: a form of construction that may be characterised by the use of a particular material readily available in the area, or by the prevalence of a particular building type related to the dominant economic activity. What it is not, is the borrowed style from other cultures, out of place in the different environment and out of sorts with the practical needs of the people in a particular place.’

- David Fowler

Education programmes are available for this exhibition.

Image: Detail, Cappadocia, Turkey, 1997, David Fowler