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Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival: Adults' Session

19 November 2016


Free event

Run time: 1 hour 10 minutes

The Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival is the world’s leading film festival dedicated to short films. It is held annually in Clermont-Ferrand, France, and is the second largest film festival in France, after Cannes, in terms of audience and professional attendance. 

French films with English subtitles suitable for an adult audience. 

A single life, 2 minutes 15 seconds

The film tells tells the story of Pia, who after playing a mysterious vinyl single is suddenly able to travel through her life at different ages and stages all within the space of one song.  

Aïssa, 8m 14s

Aïssa is Congolese. She is in an illegal immigrant in France. She says that she is under eighteen, but the authorities consider her an adult. To determine if she can be deported, a doctor is going to examine her anatomy.

Beauty, 9m 49s

Beauty is a short story of the most important emotions in life, from birth to death, love and sexuality through pain and fear. Achieved through animating some of the most famous works of art throughout history, the film is a tribute to art, to life and their disarming beauty.

Chaud lapin, 5m 20s

Chaud Lapin is a strangely captivating short film that reveals the romantic lives of three animals, a warthog, a snake and a rabbit. 

Perrault, La Fontaine, mon cul!, 18m 50s

This short film focuses on the life of Willy Pruvost, an illiterate who lives in the country. To keep guardianship of his son, Kevin, he attends reading and writing classes. But will they be enough to help him keep his son?

Vie et mort de l'illustre Raspoutine, 10m 23s

A tragicomic tale about the life and whereabouts of a very mysterious character, Grigori Rasputin, who, from distant Siberia, made it to the Tzar's court at the beginning of the century. A coarse, rude, sexually obsessed monk who managed to be sheltered and trusted by Russia's last emperors...

Voulez vous une histoire?, 2m 16s

The film has this tantalising teaser: You want a story? Put two women in a room and imagine that one of them is a redhead…

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