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Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival: Children’s Session

12 November 2016


Free event 

Run time: 1 hour 12 minutes

The Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival is the world’s leading film festival dedicated to short films. It is held annually in Clermont-Ferrand, France, and is the second largest film festival in France, after Cannes, in terms of audience and professional attendance. 

French films with English subtitles suitable for the whole family.

A Single Life, 2 minutes 15 seconds

The film tells tells the story of Pia, who after playing a mysterious vinyl single is suddenly able to travel through her life at different ages and stages all within the space of one song. 

Captain fish, 7m

A winner at the International Film Festival for Children and Young People of Giffoni (Italy, 2015), this short film illustrates what happens when a little girl decides to save the dinner that she has refused to eat.

Deux amis, 4m

This animated short film without words is about two friends, a caterpillar and a tadpole, who grow up in two very different environments, but still manage to interact.

Günther, 6m30s

With the alternative title ‘A film that should not have been made’, ‘Günther’ charts the ominous journey of self discovery of the eponymous Günther, which continues, even as his friends are all starving to death. 

Indah Citra, 5m30s

This colourful short film is the story of a young Indonesian girl who escapes her horrible child labour conditions by finding refuge in her dreams. It won the Canal+ Award at the 2015 Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival.

La moufle, 8m

It is snowing. Lily and her grandfather are making a little bird house to help the birds survive over the winter. 'But where do the other animals in the garden find shelter in winter?' wonders the little girl. So she puts one of her mittens at the foot of the tree where they have fastened the bird house. 

Le velo de l'éléphant, 8m42s

An elephant lives in town amongst humans where he works as a sweeper. One day he sees a large sign advertising a bike that looks like it is the perfect size for an elephant. From this moment on, the life of the elephant changes: he must have that bike at all costs! 

Light motif, 5m

Light Motif is an experimental computer graphics short film which explores the possibilities of synergy between image and music in the cinematic tradition of Oskar Fischinger and visual music animation. The film is based on Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians, Section II. 

Nain Géant, 11m

According to tradition, Petite Neige, a young Inuit, needs to capture a low flying bird in order to pass into the world of grown-ups. On the verge of catching it, she falls into a mysterious crevice belonging to the giant dwarf, an ogre with the power to change his size at will by sneezing. 

The fish and I, 6m

This short drama narrates the story of a blind man trying to save his goldfish. 

Zebra, 3m

Zebra was made as part of the TV magazine ‘I Know an Animal’. It recounts the story of a zebra who is having trouble getting his stripes together. 

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