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Sunlight – Ihi Kōmaru

20 January - 30 April 2017

Admission $5 per person

We reveal the secrets of the sun in a fun and interactive, science-based exhibition for all ages.

The award winning Sunlight – Ihi Kōmaru brings new life to the story of sunlight through interactive games, challenges and dynamic multimedia.

Discover how sunlight is created, play with the properties of light, follow a photon, activate the amazing process of photosynthesis and shine your UV torch to reveal hidden wonders.

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Usain Bolt: 12.42 metres per second. Our visitor host: 2.88 metres per second. How fast can you run? Check your speed and see how many days it will take you to get to the sun!

What does the sun sound like? Climb inside a giant inflatable Sun to find out. Power a photon on its quest through space, starting from the core of the Sun, to nourish life on Earth.

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See first-hand how light is created. Test how fast light travels and learn how light behaves and reacts to various mediums.

Understand how light has influenced life and culture for millions of years! 

$8 per person. Resource packs containing a UV torch and activity book can be purchased for $2. 

Education programmes are available for this exhibition.


Developed and toured by Te Manawa 

TM Horiz National RGB