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30 Lives - A painting project by Meredith Marsone

9 December 2013 - 10 January 2014

This family of portraits by Meredith Marsone captures ‘snapshots’ of people, including her beloved dog Izzy, over a period of thirty days.

This painting project is more of a social documentary than it is portraiture.  Each of the portraits are selected from commercial photography in fashion magazines or from snapshots sent to her by friends and family keen to see how she interprets photographs of loved ones. She manages to capture that small spark that makes each person an individual, treating even herself as a subject to study.

This is a rare thirty day viewing period to look into people whose lives may never touch yours except in this exhibition.

Waikato Museum sincerely thanks Meredith Marsone and the lenders of their precious portraits for this exhibition. All works are on loan from private collections and the artist.

Should you wish to commission a portrait by Meredith Marsone, please approach our Visitor Hosts at reception for her business card.

Image: Day 5, 2013. Oil on canvas. Image courtesy of the artist.