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1 January 2011

this is not a vitrine, this is an ocean

Jos Wheeler photograph

Image by Jos Wheeler
Jim Vivieaere, Emory Douglas and
John Pule, 2009

a collaborative installation

by jim vivieaere_artist
(b.1947 d.2011)

This is not an ocean, this is a rented house
This is not a hand, this is a library
This is not the sky, this is a grandfather clock
This is not a child, this is a mirror.
Jim Vivieaere. 2007

Borrowing from a text penned by Jim Vivieaere (1947 – 2011) and with respect to Jim’s subtle word / image play, I am ‘channelling’ Vivieaere-esque sensibilities in both word and action.
Jim Vivieaere was in love with the ocean. Separated from his homeland and connection to his Cook Island birth-family, it would seem that the ocean signified a connection to this place that he knew to be his source.
The Vitrine becomes a transactional space between the artists and Vivieaere. All of the artists participating in this installation with Jim have thrown their ‘bottles’ into Jim’s ocean as a sign that they too remain connected to him in his ocean as an artist, mentor and friend.

Contributing artists:
Ani O'Neill(NZ & Cook is.) Henry Taripo (NZ & Cook is.) Richard Shortland Cooper (Ngapuhi/ Ngati Hine & Cook is.) Ian George (NZ & Cook is.) Kay George ( NZ, Cook Is.)  Michel Tuffery (Cook Is./Samoa/Tahiti/ Samoa)  Shigeyuki Kihara(Samoa, Japan, Samoa) Itania Nikolao(Samoa/ NZ) Niki Hastings-McFall(Samoa/ NZ) Lily Laita(Ngati Raukawa/Samoa) Lonnie Hutchinson(Kai Tahu/ Samoa) Angela Tiatia(Samoa/ NZ) Andrea Low(Samoa, NZ) Dagmar Dyck(Tonga/ NZ) Marlaina Key / Vaimaila Urale(Samoa/ NZ) Brian Butler (USA) Loretta Young (Samoa/ NZ) Sylvia Marsters (NZ & Cook Is.)

Acknowledgements: Nga mihi

Waikato Museum Te Whare Taonga o Waikato extends a huge vote of thanks firstly to:  the Vivieaere family for allowing this exhibition to occur.
Also to Christina Jeffrey, Nooroa Tapuni, Marlaina Key at Tautai Contemporary Arts Trust for their generous assistance and to all the contributing artists. Special thanks to Jos Wheeler for the use of his photograph of Jim with Emory Douglas and John Pule.