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The Intraspace Project: Interventions with Waikato Museum Non-Gallery Space

1 December 2010 - 1 June 2014

The Intraspace Project is Waikato Museum's latest initiative in interrogating the building as installlation site. Activating non-gallery space as sites where artists' interventions can occur.

Utilising utilitarian locations within and external to  the museum building, the curator will solicit artists to interface with the designated spaces and respond accordingly. These interactions will culminate in anything from one to seven works in new spaces that could last one minute to one month.

All of the works will be made visible to the world, creating a virtual but real-time exhibition that is not bound by fiscal, spatial nor bureaucratic intervention. It's the simple USE of space that activates the art.

This is the first of its kind in museums in Aotearoa.

For information, also see our Facebook page. To see the virtual performances and art works we will be posting these to our YouTube account.

All exhibitions are viewable by appointment throughout the working week. Please phone 07 8386716 or email Intraspace Curator: Leafa Wilson

Latest work: Welcome Stranger by Alex Kinnaird and Priscilla McIntosh

Welcome Stranger explores the visual relationships between the works of Alex Kinnaird and Priscilla McIntosh.



 Featured Artists



Shahram Entekhabi,  Golden Edition, 

Klaus Felitz ,  Battlefield, 2011 George Rump ,   Untitled Series, 2011
Chris Kraus ,  Frank Sargeson 1 - 6

M.O.T.H. Museum of True History,  
The Renovation, 2011

Florian Heinke, A Beer To Spill Them
Into Dust, 2011

Lorene Taurerewa, The Strong Shall
Lead the Weak, 2010

Emit Snakebeings - CCTV Performance
long-term project: Alchemical
Pilgrimage 2002 - 2011

Katja Ostermeyer, Zeitspuren 1, 2, & 3
2010 -2011

Fiona Jack, Port Workers (poster
series) 2012

Liam Halpin, Ola Na Tungee series,

Ero (Lance Harris) Blam from
the 2012 Guilty of Art Tour with
Ha Ha

HA HA (Regan Tamanui) portrait
of Tame Iti
  from the Guilty of Art
Tour with Ero

Ayesha Green Prop Step Ladder,

Chuck Feesago (USA) A Sense of Place
Los Angeles/ Hamilton
Hamilton/ Los Angeles 2012

The Hamilton Painters' Guild 2012

White Fungus MagazineThe Subconscious Restaurant 2012

Brydee Rood Fountain of the 
Clouded Sky 2012


Andrew Johnstone The Alchemical
Garden 2012 - 2013

Adrienne Grant Tracking Tunnel 2013

Alex Kinnaird and Priscilla McIntosh Welcome Stranger 2013

Alex Kinnaird and Priscilla McIntosh Welcome Stranger 2013



*Excerpt from ‘Other Walls” by Lucy Lippard
p.103 From Words of Wisdom, the Curator’s Vade Mecum on Contemporary Art